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Affordable Modern Websites For Small Businesses

Small Business Websites

Small businesses can now get a brand new website, built on popular search engine and social media friendly CMS framework, deployed, supported and monitored at a business affordable rate.

Enjoy a limited time offer of $175.00/month and if you sign up today a one time $200 setup fee shall be waived.


Websites have become an essential service just as electricity, water or rent. Web technologies are constantly evolving and getting more and more complex. Businesses are increasingly dependent on their web presence for

  1. Discovery
  2. New client acquisition, and
  3. Growth

While the dependency on technology has increased for businesses, the complexity of today’s solutions is challenging for existing and new businesses to learn. While in some aspects technology is easy to learn and in other areas harder to navigate. We are here to help you with all of that.

What Do Small Businesses Need Today?

 A modern looking website that is functional for gen x and attractive and intuitive for millenials

  • A site that can keep existing customers and attract new ones
  • A site that can generate leads
  • A site that is Search engine friendly, social media friendly and ads friendly
  • A functional site that is always available and working
  • A functional site that is protected with the latest security protocols, that discourages hacking and any other form of integrity compromise
  • A site that is constantly monitored and supported
  • A site that can be restored within hours should something were to happen, while maintaining data integrity.

It is difficult to assume that a Business owner shall learn and find the time to manage all of the above or hire a dedicated technology developer on their team to manage it. Not when the cost of the service could be optimized as we have for $175.00/month


  • A fully functional modern website developed in the most popular CMS platform -WordPress
  • All free plugins
  • All security plugins
  • Latest server stack with up to date security patches
  • SSL
  • Search engine friendly
  • Social Media friendly
  • Integration with free CRM such as Hubspot (if client has a hubspot account)
  • Server hosting costs are included
    Development, deployment, application support is included
  • Active system monitoring
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups
  • Restoring backups and site back to what it was 24 hrs ago
  • Monitoring for hacks
  • Regular environment upgrades and patches
  • Virtually zero downtime
  • Always available technology team that will keep the site/service up and running

The Fine Print


  • Domain Name is bought and provided by client
  • Branding, logo, pictures and other media content will be provided by client
  • If any paid plugins are required, client to pay for the cost of the plugins
  • 5-10 pages per site, all additional pages and content shall be developed at additional cost
  • Any additional development, eCommerce capabilities shall be developed at additional cost
  • A minimum subscription period of 24 months
  • If a client wishes to terminate the contract early, they are liable to payout the remainder of the term
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