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PeggyLee Hanson is a renowned author and publisher with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the writing and publishing industry. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, and anyone with a story to tell, share their unique narratives with the world. As a ghostwriter, PeggyLee’s clients appreciate her expertise and skill in turning their ideas and experiences into compelling written works.

When PeggyLee came to us, she had an existing website that was in need of a refresh. She was unhappy with the outdated design, layout, and structure of the site and it was not generating any traffic or interest. Additionally, the website was not optimized for online marketing strategies, such as social media and search engine optimization. We knew we needed to help PeggyLee revamp her online presence to accurately reflect her expertise and reach her target audience.

The Problem

When PeggyLee approached us, she had a website that had not been updated in some time. She was dissatisfied with the design, layout, and structure of the site, and it wasn’t generating any traffic or interest. Furthermore, the website wasn’t set up to allow her to effectively market herself online, whether through social media or search engine optimization.

The Solution

When we sat down with PeggyLee, the challenges were pretty apparent. One of the biggest challenges was trust. Thus far no one had taken the effort or time to win demonstrable trust. Demonstrable in our mind refers to – Do and let the action earn trust, vs seek.

Listen to your client

Thus what we did was sit down with her over a couple of sessions and listen. Listen to what she liked about her current site, what she did not like about her current site and what she wanted to have in her new site. PeggyLee had clear insights into what she wanted. It just had to be built.

Design the Site

The second stage of the solution process was to get the designers involved and let them visualize the solution that PeggyLee had conveyed to us in words. This meant, we incorporated her focus on simplicity, focus on her approachability, focus on delivery – aka the books that she had published.

We also integrated several Call To Actions – CTA’s all over the place. After all, this was just not about highlighting what PeggyLee can do, it was about driving action from her visitors. The ‘Call To Action’ buttons such as integration with calendly to book a meeting with her, to contact her via email or to just subscribe to her newsletter in return for a free guide on how to write a potential writer’s first chapter, were all placed in strategic spots on the website. As if that was not enough, we integrated Facebook Messenger to drive some real-time interactions and interest into her and her services.

As a visitor, you are never too far away from taking action and contacting PeggyLee no matter where on the page you decide PeggyLee is the author and publisher you want to work with.

The Result Google Analytics Results

It has been less than 3 months since her site was launched, and we have seen an upward trend in her google analytics. She now has a platform to market. And drives traffic to her site through social channels such as Facebook and professional networks such as LinkedIn. She is confident that her web presence is not embarrassing and accurately represents her and her brand.

We are proud to have developed this site and more importantly the relationship and trust. This is what PeggyLee has to say about her experience with us.

Do you want to give us the opportunity to earn a similar testimonial from you? Talk to us about your existing website and how we can build support and maintain a solution that reflects you and your brand.

PeggyLee Hanson

PeggyLee Hason, Author, Writer, Publisher, Happy Client.