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Why Hire Us?

We are known as a capable team, solving unique technology problems, in a fair & affordable manner. What helps is that we are innovative & never abandon a challenge.

We Are Qualified

All of our engineers, testers, designers, analysts, architects, are qualified graduates. Constant innovation comes with an added advantage, our skill constantly improves. And over the past 5 years we have developed some very strong skills – be it understanding that our customer’s customer matters or just plain how to run a self maintaining infrastructure.

We Love Problems

More so now than ever, businesses experience varied technology challenges. We love solving them – all.

Take for example, How do I enable my enforcement officer, print an electronic ticket on waterproof paper without having to worry about any dangling cables?

We Are Innovative

We built background tracking even while the app was inactive in a user’s phone. This allowed our clients customers, track their mileage without having to press a start and stop button on their app each time they got in their car. We solved this problem 5 years ago, when background tracking was uncommon and technically challenging.

We developed AR solutions from an open source university project, long before Google, Facebook and Apple released their Augmented Solutions for public use.

We Are Fair

Developing & maintaining technology is not a cheap affair. Building new ideas, solving well-known problems is one thing. Running & supporting them is another. We get it!

We are known for a fair & affordable solution. When designing solutions, we take into account, ease of use, ease of maintenance, ease of support, ease of enhancements.

We are not that guy!

We Do Not Abandon!

We do not run away from a problem we have taken on. There is always a solution waiting to be found or developed. Like Dog the bounty hunter, we never abandon. We always solve our technology problems. Once we are committed we see it through!

It is our corporate character, we value it and we stick to it.

A Few Solutions We Have Built


Fantastic Life

World’s first hormone balancing nutrition app. Our client’s users assess their body’s hormonal levels within minutes and auto generate a nutrition plan.

Royal Parking

A parking services, mobile ticketing system with wireless printing capabilities. Our client’s customers can pay within minutes of an issued ticket.

Angelina's Restaurant

A new website, an online ordering system, a chatbot with AI. Angelina can now keep their own customer info and cater to their expectations.

Washme Property Services

Website, Self quoting system, Electronic monthly payment system. Our client’s customers can now generate a quick quote to see how much it would cost to get their property’s exterior cleaned.

Reavealio (AR)

Augmented Reality Marketing App. Membership site for our client’s customers, affiliates and distributors. Our Client can not only operate a unique AR marketing company, but she can market and grow her affiliates & distributors.


Maintain & Support a trucking software that helps drivers and their companies file taxes at the end of each quarter electronically. And a separate edocument solution makes sure they are always compliant, savings tons of dollars.

Fantastic Life
Revealio Augmented Reality App

"There's no use talking about the problem unless you talk about the solution."

Is there a problem you want to solve?