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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build WordPress Websites?

Most of our clients are looking for a front end solution with a self managed CMS system. Even if we build a complex back-end system, to their end users they want an attractive looking front end that is easy to maintain. WordPress and other CMS platforms meet those needs really well and we have become a sort of an expert in WordPress implementations.

Do you build mobile apps?

Our humble beginnings were a little over 5 years ago with mobile games. We developed a capability to understand mobile platforms and their native capabilities to get the most out of them. Be it background tracking or location driven marketing services or printing wirelessly to a Bluetooth Printer, we have built some very effective mobile apps.

Is a progressive web app the way to go?

Progressive web apps (PWA) use web technologies to deliver a mobile experience unlike native or hybrid mobile apps. PWA frameworks have evolved so much to the point that they are a lot more affordable to build and maintain than native apps that reside in Google and Apple app stores. For most clients a PWA provides a much better offering than a Mobile app. When you sit down with us, we assess your needs and help determine which is a better technology for your solution.

How do you price projects?

Much like constructing a new house, there is a cost to architect it, design it, build it and maintain it. Software is no different. We build out the details up front when we sit down to understand the problem and price out the cost to build and maintain.


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Are you guys Boring?

We are far from boring. We may be geeks and love our technology, we also have tons of fun. When we are not thinking technology problems, we are fishing, hiking, partying, living normal fun lives. We also believe in a live and let live policy. We are a diverse group of folks from various ethnic backgrounds and belief system. We enjoy the company of everyone we work with.

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